Chris, Emily, and Hadley Evans

Chris, Emily, and Hadley Evans

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Past Month

The past few weeks have been very hectic with Chris studying every minute he can for Boards and WREB. He takes his Boards this Wednesday and Thursday, and we cannot be more excited to get them over with! Once he is finished with WREB the following Monday, we will head up to Utah to be with family for Thanksgiving and the whole month of December. Chris has his Salt Lake rotation the first three weeks of December, and we get to just stay up there for the holidays. We are excited to see how Hadley reacts to Christmas being a 1 year old now. She's awesome and is growing so much every single day. Still can't believe she is already 1! During these past few weeks I was able to see my friends in Mary Poppins at Hale with Ben and his kids, and Chris and I were able to celebrate Tyler Gregory's 30th birthday at Top Golf with friends. We've made some great friends here in Arizona, and it will be so sad when we leave next year. Still can't really talk about it...

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