Chris, Emily, and Hadley Evans

Chris, Emily, and Hadley Evans

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Past Month

The past few weeks have been very hectic with Chris studying every minute he can for Boards and WREB. He takes his Boards this Wednesday and Thursday, and we cannot be more excited to get them over with! Once he is finished with WREB the following Monday, we will head up to Utah to be with family for Thanksgiving and the whole month of December. Chris has his Salt Lake rotation the first three weeks of December, and we get to just stay up there for the holidays. We are excited to see how Hadley reacts to Christmas being a 1 year old now. She's awesome and is growing so much every single day. Still can't believe she is already 1! During these past few weeks I was able to see my friends in Mary Poppins at Hale with Ben and his kids, and Chris and I were able to celebrate Tyler Gregory's 30th birthday at Top Golf with friends. We've made some great friends here in Arizona, and it will be so sad when we leave next year. Still can't really talk about it...

Monday, November 2, 2015

San Diego with the Giauque's, New Mexico, and St. George

A lot has happened in the past two months. After our trip to San Diego with Chris' family, Chris went off to Silver City, New Mexico to do another dental rotation for school. Hadley and I stayed home for most of it, but we went out to visit later on. We drove up to Albuquerque to see the Balloon Fiesta and stayed with Kyle Henry's parents who were so kind and generous. We took our own "Breaking Bad" tour around the city before going to the see the "Glow" at the fiesta. The Balloon Fiesta did not disappoint, and Hadley really enjoyed watching them be blown up and lit at night. We had such a great time and were so happy that we made the trip to see it. 

After New Mexico, Hadley and I headed off to San Diego again to be with my family for a family trip. We stayed on the Naval Base again and had a great time with my family. We went to Sea World one day and Hadley could not get enough of the beach and sand. She loved it even more than the previous month that we were there. 

After getting home from San Diego, Chris got home from his New Mexico rotation. We were so happy to have him home. But Hadley and I drove up to St. George shortly after to spend time with Emily Brewer and her two kids. It was fun to spend time with them and we had a great time. 

Hadley will be turning 1 this coming Sunday and Chris and I can hardly believe it. The time really has gone by so quickly! We will do a small little get together with some friends here in Arizona. Chris is studying non stop for part II of Boards and the written part of WREB. He takes the tests later this month (which can't come soon enough) and then we are headed to Salt Lake City to be with family for Thanksgiving. We will be staying up in Salt Lake all of the December as well because Chris has a dental rotation near Rose Park for the three weeks before Christmas. It will be fun to spend so much time with family and friends over the holidays. 

All things aside, I had one of my "not so smart" moments a few weeks ago. I was meeting Boo, Steve, Josh, Erin, and Chris for dinner at Houston's and I was coming from coaching at Desert Vista. Hadley had fallen asleep and I arrived at the restaurant. My car does not have keyless entry, and so I have locked the keys in the car a few times before. I put the keys in my diaper bag and got out to get Hadley out. The door was locked. I started to panic and checked the other doors and found out they were locked too. I ran into the restaurant panicking to get a locksmith or someone to break in. I would have done it myself if I needed to. The hostess called 911 and they were at the restaurant in less than 5 minutes. It gets really hot in the car even if I was parked in the shade. Hadley was totally fine the whole time and so I wasn't too worried by now. The Fire Department showed up and the fireman walked to the driver's car door and opened it. My door was unlocked the WHOLE time! I didn't even think to check it. We just laughed and I was so embarrassed. The fireman said it happens a lot more than you think, but I had to get a picture to document my stupidity. 

Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque 

In San Diego with the Giauque Family
Halloween Ward Party 2015. The Hunter, the Bird Watcher, and the Owl. 

San Diego and finally meeting Baby Molly
St. George at Dixie Rock
San Diego
San Diego and Sea World
Chris' staff at the clinic in Silver City, NM and the biggest sunflower we have ever seen!
Loving the sand and the beach
Out to dinner with the Henry's and Lifferth's
Nan and Malorie
My really "smart" moment in life 
I saw my performing friend Kate in "Chicago" and it was a small "Dames at Sea" reunion
My DV Varsity Dance Line girls LOVE Hadley
Our "Breaking Bad" Tour
More Balloon Fiesta
22/24 grandkids with Mom and Dad in San Diego

San Diego
One more Halloween Ward Party picture

Monday, September 21, 2015

San Diego and Disneyland with the Evans Clan

The time had finally come where we got to spend a week in California with Chris' family. We met Cory, Kallen, Markae and the Topham's all in San Diego where we stayed at North Island Navy Lodge. We had a great time at the beach and Hadley loved the waves! The boys got to golf while the girls got to stay by the pool and the beach with the kids. Chris also hit a seagull with his shoe...he's cruel like that sometimes. But really, Hadley got so excited watching the waves come closer and closer to her feet and she would clap almost every time. We spent 2 1/2 days at the lodge, stopped to see the San Diego temple, and then headed up to Anaheim for Disneyland. 

Disneyland was fun this year since I wasn't pregnant and I was able to go on all the rides this time. Hadley loved the Little Mermaid ride, Small World, Monsters Inc., and Winnie the Pooh. We think Small World was her favorite. We had a blast with Chris' family and we took such "lovely" pictures on the rides. We even got stuck on California Screamin' rollercoaster for about 15 minutes and had to be walked off the ride about 3/4 of the way to the end. Hadley also loved the parades and seeing the lights. She has now started clapping to music and waving to people. 

We were sad to leave, but we look forward to seeing them all again for the holidays. 

Loved the parade
Hadley loved the ducks walking around the park

Monday, August 17, 2015


My 7 weekend run of Tarzan is coming to a close. The show has been a blast and I will be sad when it ends. A lot of people have come down to help watch Hadley, and friends and family have come to see the show. I'm very grateful that I was able to be a part of this show, and I hope I can squeeze one more in before we move in June. 

Hadley wore Dad out a bit

We went to see some friends and Tarzan cast members in Something's Afoot

At dinner with all my leading men so far in Hale shows